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Frank Schumann

Frank Schumannbody- and self models, pre-reflexive and pre-verbal self-consciousness, sensory enhancement, sensory motor relations, fMRI, computational neuroscience, subjective methods, feldenkrais, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science analysis of cognitive science (traditional, weak embodied, radical embodied, enactive)

Discussion Topic: (I) Neurons both respond to sensori-motor relations, and, via actions, participate in creating more abstract, extended sensori-motor relations. How can this be studied using imaging techniques, and what can we expect to learn / not learn about SMR via imaging methods? (II) How can first-person experiences and physiological measurements be aquired and related when going beyond simple psychophysical stimuli? (III) The Feldenkrais-Method as an enactive phenomenological praxis, changing the Körper (body) via the Leib (body awareness) and vice versa. Can the "phenomenological body techniques" like the Feldenkrais praxis be informed by novel enactivist findings?

Occupation: PhD student
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