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Victor Loughlin

Background: I am originally from Northern Ireland where I completed my undergraduate and masters degrees in philosophy at Queens University Belfast. I then trained as a journalist and wrote for a number of newspapers and media companies in Northern Ireland. However, working as a journalist served to remind me how much I loved and missed philosophy. So, in 2009-2010, I returned to academia and completed a Msc in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, UK. It was here that I was first exposed to the ideas of Andy Clark. His work has led me to consider questions of cognitive and consciousness extension. Such questions inspired me to pursue a PhD, which I am currently working on at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, under the supervision of Erik Myin. The title of my PhD is Enactivism and Dynamicism, the basic question of which is: do enactivists, like Alva Noe and others, need to become dynamicists if they are to address the most serious objections made against them? Interests: My main interest is philosophy, specifically philosophy of mind. However, as a follower of cognitive science, I am also interested in areas like neuroscience, the behavioural sciences and artificial intelligence. Yet consciousness remains the core issue for me. Are there neural correlates of consciousness? Is phenomenal experience constituted by the interaction between an agent and their environment? Does the search for the mechanisms of consciousness only provide an explanation for “access consciousness” and not “phenomenal consciousness”? Can we build a conscious robot? Just as there is sensory substitution, could there be sensory augmentation? Could new technology give humans new sensory capacities?

Discussion Topic: Could technology give humans a sixth sense?

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