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David Suarez

David SuarezI am a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Toronto. My dissertation project, entitled “Thinking Nature,” focuses on the development of a methodology and ontology for the naturalistic study of subjectivity. I have been examining the interface between the methods of transcendental phenomenology and the ontological commitments of metaphysical naturalism. My eventual goal is to develop a conception of nature which is able to encompass both the naturalness of the mind -- its oneness and continuity with the world of which it is conscious -- and its unique status as the opening through which the world is able to reveal itself to itself. More generally, I’m interested in how insights into the nature of subjectivity provided by Kant, post-Kantian German idealists, and phenomenologists can be brought into contact with contemporary mind sciences.

Discussion Topic: Which is explanatorily prior: the subjective point of view or the physical body? Can the structure of subjectivity account for the natural conditions of embodiment, or do the natural conditions of embodiment account for the structure of subjectivity? Is there some way to think past this dichotomy?

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