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Thomas Buehrmann

Thomas BuehrmannMy main research interest concerns the widespread assumption that skilled motor coordination is the result of homuncular computational control of the body by the brain. According to this robotics-inspired view, the complexities of the control problem (redundancy, feedback delays, noise, non-linearities) require the brain to build detailed internal models (forward and inverse) of the body "plant". On the other end of the spectrum (synergetics, morphological computation, passive dynamics), it is becoming clear that the body itself might be structured such as to allow for self-organisation of useful motor patterns. My work explores the extent to which a particular embodiment allows for motor coordination to arise without the need for detailed internal models.

Discussion Topic: What does an informational account of agent behaviour offer in addition to a dynamical systems account? How can the two complement each other?

Occupation: PostDoc at IAS Research
Status: eSMCs-Member

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