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Saskia Nagel

My main research interest at the moment is plasticity. I study this phenomenon and its implications from a scientific and from a philosophical perspective. I studied cognitive science and philosophy, then did my PhD at the intersection of neuroscience and philosophy investigating ethical questions raised by the neurosciences. Motivated by my background in science and humanities, I am interested in the interaction of mind, body, and world. I seek to better understand how the complex interplay can lead to perception, feeling, action, subjectivity, and the amazing phenomenon life; and how we can study it. I work empirically on sensory enhancement and recently on sleep; previously I did some work on multimodal processing. In philosophy, I mainly work in applied ethics and anthropology to investigate consequences of neuroscientific knowledge for individuals and society. I am also interested in philosophy of mind and language.

Discussion Topic: How plastic is the embodied mind? How can SMCs be learned, mastered, and changed? Which account of agency can be helpful in an understanding? Can the SMC concept be extended such that it can be applied to complex cognitive capacities, predictions, multi-modal processing etc.?

Occupation: Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Science
Status: eSMCs-Member

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