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Malika Auvray

Malika AuvrayMy research interests are in the field of embodied cognition that I approach both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view. In particular, I use sensory substitution devices (SSDs) in order to investigate the mechanisms of spatial perception while trying to determine the extent to which the results obtained corroborates the predictions of enactivist theories of perception. More precisely, I have investigated experimentally the learning of SSDs and the involved mechanisms of distal attribution, challenged philosophically the distinction of sensory modalities through the examples of SSDs, and collaborated to the development of two visual-to-auditory SSDs: The Vibe and NAVIG. I also use minimalist devices to investigate predictions based on interactionist views of social cognition.

Discussion Topic: Questioning the extent to which experimental approaches allows investigating the predictions of enactive theories of perception and conversely the extent to which these theories can take into account actual results.

Occupation: CNRS Researcher
Status: Non-Member

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