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Luisa Damiano

My primary research interest is the nature of cognition. Since my PhD in epistemology (University of Bergamo, Italy), I have been working on this topic, in particular in the domains of biological and cognitive sciences. At the centre of my research are current theories of embodied cognition – in particular “radical embodiment” theories – and the notions proposed by these theories to redefine the architecture and the boundaries of the mind (concepts such as “embodied mind”, “distributed cognition”, “situated cognition”, “cognitive extension”...). My exploration of embodied cognitive science started with the analysis of some of its early versions (second order cybernetics, autopoietic cognitive biology and Varelian enactive approach). I devoted my PhD thesis and a book to one of the very original models of autonomous cognitive system – the “conversational unit” designed by Varela in 1979. After the PhD, I directed my efforts to develop a broader perspective on the different ways in which the notion of embodied mind is structured, conceptualized and made operational in contemporary science. I worked in close collaboration with scientific groups developing the embodied approach: a neuroscience team (Neurodynamics Team, LENA, Paris, France), a synthetic biology team (Origins of Life Team, Prof. Luisi, University of Roma 3, Italy) and a robotics team (Developmental Robotics Team, Prof. Cañamero, University of Hertfordshire, UK).

Discussion Topic: Different views of "embodiment" and related operations of "cognitive extension"

Occupation: Research Fellow
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