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Katja Abramova

I started my academic journey in Cracow (Poland) studying a combination of anthropology and psychology. I traveled through phenomenological and hermeneutical psychology, studying narrativity and mythological thinking and eventually shifted to philosophy of mind while still keeping cross-cultural interests on the side. My philosophical training orbited around the topics of social cognition, personhood and agency with a focus on the embodied embedded varieties of those. After completing a philosophy thesis on enactivism and social behaviorism (G.H. Mead) I started a master in cognitive science. My current main interest is language evolution and its tranformative role in cognition. In the course of the coming year I will be working on a literature thesis on the gestural theory of language evolution at Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen and then trying to combine modeling and experimental work on gestures in the Language Evolution and Computation Lab in Edinburgh.

Discussion Topic: What would be the best way to provide an embodied account of language evolution?

Occupation: Cognitive Science master student (University of Amsterdam)
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