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Anna-Lena Lumma

I am a student of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück and have mainly focused on philosophy of psychiatry and emotions during my undergraduate studies. Being introduced to different disciplines which all offer interesting frameworks to describe cognition I am most attracted by embodied theories. Currently I work as a research assistant in the project ''Changing Brains'' by Dr. Saskia Nagel, which focuses on the role of neuroplasticity in science, ethics, anthropology, sociology and potential areas of application. I am also part of a study project which investigates how people interact in a joint attention task by using different ways of communication. Generally I am very interested in phenomenological approaches to cognitive science, neuroplasticity and the impact of contemplative techniques on subjective experience, the brain and other bodily processes. Furthermore I am interested how embodied and enactive theories can offer fruitful ways to describe subjective experience.

Discussion Topic: Can people share the same sensorimotor contingency if they have to interact to achieve a common goal?

Occupation: Master Student
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