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Lazaros Nalpantidis

Lazaros NalpantidisI am a post-doctoral researcher at the Computer Vision & Active Perception Lab. (CVAP) of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where I work in the group of Prof. Danica Kragic. Apart from Robot vision (at a PhD level) I have studied Electronics Engineering and Physics at a masters, and undergraduate level respectively. My current research interests and involvement in international research programs include active and cognitive vision systems for robots in scene understanding, depth perception, obstacle avoidance and SLAM applications. Robots equipped with vision sensors intuitively adapt to human environments and procedures, and seem to be the model of future autonomous robots. My own research has covered a range of scientific and technological aspects of robotic vision and autonomous systems’ control. More specifically, I have been involved in the development of robotic vision algorithms, vision-based control of robotic systems and vision-related basic microelectronics research, during my first scientific steps.

Discussion Topic: Should vision play a more important role than other modalities in a multimodal cognitive architecture, in order to achieve human-like behaviours?

Occupation: Postdoctoral researcher
Status: eSMCs-Member

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