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Allan McKenna

Allan McKennaI am just finishing an MSc in Philosophy of Mental Disorders at K.C.L. I previously studied an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. My interests include phenomenology, cognitive science, and therapeutics. I like to read widely and gather together many different perspectives to reflect. To relax I like to do yoga and go for walks. I am looking forward to our talks together. Some questions I would like to hear your opinion on at the summer school are: What does the thesis of embodied cognition entail and what further commitments flow from this? Is the embodied-dynamicist approach to cognition incompatible with mechanistic reductionism in neuropsychology? Do phenomenologically-inspired embodied accounts of psychopathology suffer the charge of methodological individualism? What exactly is the epistemological status of embodied cognition and dynamic systems? Do these theories provide us with operational criteria or merely provide a better way of empathising with lived experience of others? . . . amongst others :)

Discussion Topic: "What is the referent of 'cognition' in the future of embodied cognition?''

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