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Alexander Maye

Alexander MayeThe focus of my work is on understanding the functional role of oscillatory neuronal activity in perception, cognition, and consciousness. One of my main research goals is the grounding of perceptual and cognitive functions in the dynamics of networks of coupled oscillators. Brain-Computer Interfaces is another research focus. I have experience in bio-inspired robotics, computer vision and image processing, and have led several projects with industry partners.

Discussion Topic: 1) What strategies use (biological) agents to explore their action space? Background: At any instant the number of actions we could perform is quite large, and the number of possible action sequences is infinite. Still we end up with a comparatively small set of action routines to manage everyday life, without the necessity to explore the huge space of possible actions. 2) Are there mechanisms to generalize sensorimotor observations? Background: There are at least two aspects: First, does the observation that moving right takes me away from an object to my left extrapolate to the corresponding situation with an object to my right and moving left? Or is a separate observation of exactly this relation required? And second, how can all the actions I executed to arrive at the summer school compose the (high-level?) fact that I'm attending the school?

Occupation: Computer Science
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