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Joerg Fingerhut

Joerg FingerhutI am PhD-Student and research assistant at the ‘Collegium for the Advanced Studies of Picture Act & Embodiment’/Humboldt-University Berlin. My interests are in the philosophy of the embodied, enactive mind and science and in philosophical anthropology. One particular topic I pursue at our group is a nonrepresentational theory of pictures and picture understanding based on sensorimotor and enactive theory of perception.

Discussion Topic: I would like to discuss the interrelation of affective, cognitive and perceptual elements in theories of consciousness. With regard to the summer school, the more specific question would be: to what extend theories of the organism (autopoiesis, adaptivity, sense-making, skill) or a philosophy of life might be better suited to tackle question related to phenomenal presence and sentience?

Occupation: PhD-Student, Institute for Philosophy, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
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