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Guggenheim (and Worden’s systems course)

September 15th, 2011 by Susan Oyama

I only had a little time at the Bilbao Guggenheim before leaving for the airport, but going through the exhibition I thought, this could have been a session of the summer school. I can’t recite the works and artists who prompted this thought, but there seemed to be a number that explored the body in wonderful ways; the only one I can name was by Kentridge, on illness.

On a completely different topic: some of you may have seen my post on FaceBook about my friend Lee Worden, who was  ’looking for an accessible intro to the ideas of feedback and systems.’ I referred him to the eSMCs site, but in a later email he added this: ‘I’m teaching a course “systems, networks, and strategy” as an intro-level math-requirement course at the SF Art Institute.’

Some of you can probably point him to some plausible sources. . .




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