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Thank you!

September 20th, 2011 by Xabier Barandiaran

It has been a very intense week; full of very stimulating talks, open-minded conversations, highly productive team-work and forward-looking challenges. When we started organizing the summer school we could have never imagined how

Group 3 Winners of The Research-Vision Factor ;-)

Group 3 Winners of The Research-Vision Factor discussion show

far and deep we would travel along the path of enactivism and embodiment. It was thanks to you (participants and speakers) that this unpredictable experience emerged. We did all lay down a new path in walking that remains still open. Thank you very much for your active involvement, care and engagement.

We would like to encourage you to use the comment section of this post to share your impressions after the summer school.

As a reminder of the multiple experiences of the summer school we have opened a new photo gallery section on this site (please, do not hesitate to send us your photos for upload).

Thomas, Ezequiel & Xabier

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  1. Mario Villalobos says:

    Hello dear all,

    The school was an exiting experience and really provided (more or less) the main future trends in the Enactive approach. It showed us what we can expect from Enactivism and, at the same time, what we cannot expect from it. In this last point, I feel that we will not hear much about the theory of the observer; a component that was and still is fundamental in the autopoietic theory. The epistemological considerations about the observer were already absent in “The Embodied Mind” (1991), and the contemporary enactive approach seems to follow this heritage. To some extent, this could be a problem in the long run because the theory of the observer works as the epistemological background within which cognition is understood as the doing of a living system. It provides the tools for maintaining a healthy “linguistic hygiene” (in words of Harvey). Debates about symmetry vs asymmetry between system and environment, or about the supposed teleological character of living beings could gain new colors within the broader context of the observer’s epistemology.
    I have this impression since I did not hear any explicit discussion about this point during the school. Instead, it seemed to me that, for instance, the usage of functional descriptions is considered epistemologically unproblematic within the enactivists.
    The future of Embodied Mind looks shining, no doubt, but too much light might bring some blind spots.

    All the best

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