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IMPORTANT: San Sebastian is a very tourist place and September is full of conferences and tourists. We highly recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. Please, do not wait until August because it may be too late and there is a serious risk of not finding any accommodation whatsoever near the venue or even in the whole city.

You can check availability and rates using the details bellow or, alternatively if you find any problem, you can contact Ms. Larraitz Varona at for further assistance. If you are interested on sharing a room to reduce costs please let her know to include your name in the Room Sharing List.

The list below indicates the district where hotels/hostels are located, you can find information on local city bus lines here: DBUS: Donostia – San Sebastian city bus guide (routes, bus stops, timetables and maps) .

Here is a map of the districts and hotel location, but you can always use on line map services to locate them.


Accommodation Options in San Sebastian

You can find valuable information at the tourist information site of San Sebastian. At the Accommodation section you will be able to find any type accommodation selecting the category (right column of the site).

We have selected a number of Hotels and Hostels for your convenience:

Hotel CODINA***
Address: Zumalakarregi, 21 (“El Antiguo” district)
Tel.: +34.943.212.200

Address: Vitoria – Gasteiz, 1 (“El Antiguo” district)
Tel.: +34.943.219.077

LA SIRENA Youth Hostel
Address: Pº Igeldo, 25 (“El Antiguo” district)
Tel.: +34.943.310.268

Address: Ondarbide, 1 – 6º izda. (“El Antiguo” district)
Tel.: +34.943.218.324+34.658.721.101

Address: San Martin, 6 – 1º (“Centro” district)
Tel.: +34.943.426.167

Address: San Marcial, 33 – 5º AB (“Centro” district)
Tel.: +34.943.428.503+34.678.978.061

Hostel IBAI
Address: 31 de agosto, 16 – 2º (“Parte Vieja” district)
Tel.: +34.943.426.253+34.699.821.532

Guesthouse IRUNE
Address: San Jeronimo, 17 – 1º dcha (“Parte Vieja” district)
Tel.: +34.943.425.743+34.626.625.110

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