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There are many restaurants around the Venue Hall, located in two different regions of the map below: Calle Matia Zone is the nearest street with a lot of restaurants, the other is Antiguoberri Zone with a bunch of restaurants too at 10-15min walk from the venue. None of the restaurants can accommodate 80 people so we recommend to create small groups of 5-15 people and find a restaurant that suits your budget and taste.

Most of the restaurants have a “Menú del Día” (Menu of the day) a cheap option that generally includes a drink (coke, wine, beer or otherwise), starter (called “Primer Plato”), a main course (called “Segundo Plato”) and a dessert at a price of around 9-15€. Color codes for restaurants on the map: Blue marked places indicate restaurants priced around 15-30€, green 9-12€, yellow less than 9€. Click on the map for the name of the restaurant and a short description. We highly recommend to go to green restaurants where the price/quality ration is very good. Vegetarians should talk to the waiter and ask for their needs, there is always a starter without meat or fish and they will be ready to adapt a main course to vegetarians if asked. Nearest supermarkets are also marked on the map.

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